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How do you look Online?

Polish your image and brand online with Dentist Brander starting at just $79.00 per year.

Brand The Same Everywhere. 

Consistency is key to branding, and the same holds for online marketing. Keep your image the same across all channels patients can find you.


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Our team members have designed marketing for some of the world’s largest brands, including Pharmacia, Bayer, Microsoft, General Motors, Ford, Chevrolet, and Allergan.

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Michael McPherson


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Dentist Brander Marketing

How it Helps

Professional Dentist Directory Listings from Dentist Brander

Dental Directories

Geo-Target Potential Patients.

Patients search for “dentists” on their mobile devices – and Google will show them “dentists” NEAR them. Don’t miss out on marketing to clients searching on their phones NEAR your location.

Mobile Dentist Marketing site from Dentist brander.

Mobile Marketing Pages

Links are Great for SEO.

Mobile link pages that your patients can use are even better. Create targeted landing pages for patients with all your information in one place.

Location Marketing for Dentists - Dentist Brander


Can Your Patients Find You?

Control and lock your dental practice’s listing data in one place. No more wrong telephone numbers, old partner names, wrong office addresses, or incorrect dental specialties.


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